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  BridgeGame25  is a lovely free software for Bridge players world-wide.
       According to the present standard, it is believed possible to make a game contract of 3NT with 25 points (or an occasional 24 points) in the combined hands.  
       But how often with 25 points ? 
       Do you know ? 
       With what probability do you succeed ?
       What if with 24 points ?
       BridgeGame25  gives a statistical answer to this question on the basis of random 717,102 deals, which have been fully doule-dummy analyzed by Mattew Ginsberg in 1996.

       Before starting, prepare the following:
       (1)  Pick out the EXE file BridgeGame25.exe out of ZIP  (It won't start within ZIP).
       (2)  From the above link, download Ginsberg's library file and place Library.bin in the same folder as the EXE file.
       (3)  If your version of Windows is somewhat old (XP or earlier up to Win95), you need download/install VB6 run-time (VBrun60sp6.exe) from Microsoft Download Center.
       (4)  After above preparation, run BridgeGame25.exe.   I don't have much to explain on the usage here.   Once you start the software, you will learn from several command buttons which will fully explain the functions of the software.
       Screen Shot

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