Articles by Colin Ward

General Rules of SAYC Bidding Doubles
3 Types of Responding Hands Pre-Empts
Hand Evaluation Cuebids
Jacoby Transfers Michaels Cuebids
Jacoby 2NT Response to 1 or 1 Defensive Signals
Fourth Suit Forcing Lebensohl
Roman Key Card Blackwood Percentages in Bridge
The Four Point Principle The IGITSAP Rule

Internet Abbreviations Glossary of Terms
Fit Inspired Bids – "FIBs" Assume Jumps Are Raises
BROZEL over their 1NT McGuinty & DISHPANS
“The Macheide” Four Suit Transfers
BEPODU (for experts only) Heart'enSohl
Rescue systems for 1NT-Doubled Dynamic 1NT Overcalls
Impossible Bids BORIS and SORIS Doubles
Golady 2 Response Toddler 2 Response
Defensive Doubles The DIET TAB

“The Three Gadgeteers” Colin's Advanced Bridge Page
“Bridge at the Corners” Colin's Rules of Bridge
“The Session from Hell” Scoring Table

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